Create WAMS ID
and activate it via emailed link [exit DNR].
Request access
to on-line systems.
Log in
to the Switchboard [exit DNR].
Reset password
if you forgot your WAMS ID or password [exit DNR].
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Switchboard: Help requesting access

The information below will help you request access to DNR's on-line systems. If you can not find the answer to your question or problem, please contact us.

Why do I need to request access?

You are probably here because either the DNR or your workplace told you to fill out an on-line form. Because anyone can create a WAMS id, we need to verify who you are, what you need to access and for which facility/company before you can use our on-line systems. We do this by asking for and checking your information as well as making you sign a statement stating the information is correct and you are authorized to access the system.

How do I request access?

Once you have created your WAMS id, you may request access to on-line systems by completing a Switchboard Registration form for each facility that you would like access to. You may also use this form to add roles to your current facility. You will know that your registration is complete after you are asked to print, sign, and mail a confirmation page.

How do I enter my contact information?

Please enter the contact information such as mailing address, email and phone number that you normally use to do business with the DNR. This will be a work address for most people.

How do I enter my facility/company information?

Please enter the facility name and location information. No matter how many facilities that you request access to, you only need one WAMS id. If you need access to more than one facility, you will need to fill out a separate form for each one. However, if you have numerous facilities or complicated situations please complete the registration process for one facility and send an e-mail to us with a list of additional facilities and roles for each.

What is my facility id?

The DNR usually puts key identification numbers on any correspondence it sends to companies. Most facilities have a 9-digit DNR Facility Id (FID) number. However, there are a few exceptions:

  • Recycling Responsible Units should use their 5 digit DOR municipal code.
  • Registrants for E-Cycling may enter their company's 9 digit Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).
  • Licensed Septage Businesses must enter their 1 to 4 digit Septage Business License number. (Note: This is NOT your Operator Certification number)
  • If you are registering for the Asbestos Renovation and Demolition Notification System (ARDN) only, you may put your company name and address for the facility information and your zipcode as the facility ID.
How do I select which systems/roles I need?

You should have received some information/instructions either from DNR or your workplace regarding what you need access to. Please check those instructions for a list of electronic reporting systems/roles. However, you may choose any roles related to your responsibilities at the facility. On the form, you may click on "More Information" for a full description of each system/role.

Why do I need to print, sign and mail form?

The signed access request form guarantees your identity to us. We need this to comply with state and federal rules. If you do not return the signed form we must remove your access. We will attempt to contact you several times before removing your access.

If you forgot to print, sign and mail your form. Please contact us and we can email another copy to you that you may print out, sign and mail back to us.

When will I get access to the on-line systems?

As soon as you press submit on the access request form, we will be working to get you set up as you requested. It will take a day or two and we may need to contact you or your firm if there are any questions about your request.

Printable instructions/checklist

You may wish to save or print this help document [PDF] to view as you walk through the process.

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